Buying Guide

Is your wine storage as impressive as your finest vintage? 

When you love wine, you care about how it’s stored. And nothing says you love wine more than gorgeous wine storage. So whether your collection is a few choice bottles or an extensive collection, you’ll want to make sure your storage suits your wine and your home. 

Our Wine Storage Buying Guide will help you make the right choice to suit your needs and wine collection. 

Buying Wine Storage To Suit Your Collection 

You may be a dabbler or a connoisseur, so choosing wine storage to suit the size of your collection will be a consideration. 

For a household that is selective about how many bottles they have at home, Brix Wine Storage has several options for a smaller collection. If your cellar only extends to a couple of your favorite bottles then a wine rack might suit you best – and we have several from which you can choose.

You can go for a table-top wine rack where you can display a six-bottle collection. Tabletop racks also work well to keep a few bottles from a larger collection closer at hand. If your collection is slightly larger, you can choose a wine rack with capacities from between 10 to 30 bottles from our store. 

If your wine collection is more extensive, you may prefer a wine cabinet. Brix has stand-alone cabinets with a capacity for 20 bottles or more. And if you’d like the option to add to your cellar over time, we have modular cabinets that will grow with your collection.

Buying Wine Storage To Suit Your Décor Or Needs

Every home is different and, at Brix, we’d recommend choosing a storage type that integrates with your home décor or lifestyle.

If you have a modernist home aesthetic you could choose a wine rack unit that captures an industrial look, or you may prefer a storage unit with the clean lines so loved in contemporary designs. 

Longevity is also a consideration, so if your décor changes with your mood we’d recommend choosing a monochrome piece that will continue to work within any color scheme. 

Depending on how you use your home space, you may need a multi-functional type of wine storage and Brix has many to choose from. From full bars to storage trunks and even picnic sets if you want your wine ‘to go’, we have a storage option to fit every need. 
We also have storage pieces that have the capacity to house your glassware and drink accessories. And for those who like your drinks shaken not stirred, we have cocktail cabinets and expandable bar units too.

Wine Storage Tips 

Knowing how to properly store your wine can help when choosing the right storage to suit your collection. 

If your wine bottles have corks, they should be stored horizontally to make sure the cork is kept moist. A moist cork can help the bottle from ageing prematurely. Screw-topped wine can be stored vertically or horizontally so your storage options can be more flexible. 

Wine should be protected from direct light, where possible, as UV rays can damage a wine’s bouquet. If you have more costly wines, consider investing in storage that has a door or is self-contained, such as our trunk bar storage. 

Storing wine at the proper temperature will preserve its natural aroma. The key to this is consistent temperature. This is another factor that may affect your choice of storage options. But don’t worry, even if your home temperature fluctuates we have a range of storage on castors so your wine can be moved to a place in your home where it is happiest.

Ask An Expert

If you need more advice about the wine storage solutions to suit you and your needs, we’re always happy to help. Speak to one of our associates at: 1-727-474-7773 for a personal consultation.