Our Top 5 Gifts For Wine Lovers 

The best gifts are the ones that show care and attention. A well-chosen gift is an opportunity to show a special someone that you have thought about what will please them most. So the thought you put into your selection is just as much a gift as the present itself. And if your gift recipient loves a tipple or two, we’re sure to have the perfect gift for them.

For loved ones who deserve an extra treat – something really luxurious – or if your gift is just a token of how much you care, we’ve got a range of products to suit any budget. With so many choices it was difficult to narrow down our selection, but we think our top 5 gifts show Brix has got something for everyone. 

1. A Gift For A Bright Young Thing!

Do you know someone who is the spontaneous type? A person who loves the finer things in life and also loves the dining alfresco? Then our Victoria Picnic Box will be a perfect gift. The Picnic Box is a reinvented classic Victorian drinks hamper and is beautifully crafted in wood with an elegant black and honey distressed French finish. It’s compact enough to be packed into the trunk of your car and portable enough to be carried into the garden to bring an aristocratic touch to your festivities. It really is the most sophisticated gift your recipient will ever receive but it comes with a warning: get used to spending your cocktail hour in a different location every night.

2. A Gift For A Globe Trotter

If the birthday girl or boy doesn’t let an ocean or continent come between them and an adventure, they’re going to love the Globe Bar. With a touch of old-world charm, the gorgeous flip-top globe bar will make a wonderful addition to the home of a person who considers the world their oyster. Based on a 16th-century nautical map from the National Museum of Science in Florence, the globe bar is a true work of art. And just like its new owner, the bar is transportable as its turned hardwood legs are set on rolling casters. So wherever the party moves to, your gift recipient will stay refreshed. 

3. A Gift For A Lover of Luxury

Do you need a gift that’s going to make an impact? If so, you’re going to want to present that special person with Stateroom Bar. This movable trunk opens out into a complete bar unit with vertical and horizontal display racks for wine bottles, two serving trays, a cocktail cabinet, multiple drawers for your drinks accessories and storage for your glassware. It is also adorned with a mirror and a fold-out work shelf. The trunk is evocative of a bygone age but is such a timeless piece that it will add a touch of class to any home.

4. A Playful Gift 

If there’s a chest grandmaster in the family then you’ll certainly want to give them the Chess Bottle Stopper Set. It’s a quirky and thoroughly delightful gift that you’re lovable chess player will love. The hand-sculpted aluminum bottle stopper tops are cast in the shape of a Knight, a King, and a Castle – so are bang on topic. And if things are gets serious, the topper will seal the player’s bottle so they don’t over-indulge. But if all is lost, they’re going to need something fortifying, so adding a Chess Bottle Opener Set will be the best way to commiserate with them.

5. A Gift For A Mixologist

For the person who comes alive at 5 pm, the Art Deco Cocktail Shaker will be the most beautiful addition to their cocktail hour. With a translucent body, art deco filigree metalwork, and gold cap, it’s a present that’s not only functional but has the wow factor. You’ll want to put on your dinner jacket or evening gown just to live up to it. And whether your gift recipient likes their martini shaken or stirred, the shaker is a perfect way to get the party started.  

We may have picked our top 5 gifts from the Brix range, but we are confident that any of our products will put a smile on your loved ones’ faces.