The Best Wine Storage For Contemporary Home Decor 

Wine storage can add a touch of class to the sleek modern aesthetic you’ve captured in your home. And no matter what size of house you have or the space you have available for drinks storage, there’s always a way to display your wine to its best advantage. 

One of the key aspects of contemporary design is creating clean and clear spaces without clutter. So storage solutions are a huge part of making sure you maintain that look. And as few of us live in show homes, having a place to put the items that accumulate as part of normal life is a must. And one’s wine is no exception.

How Wine Storage Enhances Contemporary Décor 

Wine storage can often be a headache for those who prefer a minimalist look. But it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways that your wine cellar can be brought into your living spaces to enhance rather than detract from your clean lines and cool colorways. 

Making wine a feature of your dining room or kitchen can be a key way to blend functionality and sophistication in any space. Wine display can replace the ornaments beloved by those who prefer traditional décor. In a modern home, your favourite vintages become the object d’art. This way you are displaying your taste for the finer things in life but making life imitate art.    

Contemporary décor screams “sophistication”. And nothing says sophistication better than a taste for the finest wines. Having wine storage where your guests can see it adds a touch of class to your home without adding clutter – a modernist’s dream. 

Wine Storage Designs to Compliment Contemporary Needs

Having modern decor doesn't mean you don’t require a functioning space. And there are various options that work to support different needs in a contemporary space. 

Delightful Drinks

The fast pace of modern life makes time precious. So many people choose to host parties that are low on effort and high on impact. And for an evening drinks party, well-chosen wine storage is going to be a must to make your event go smoothly. It means you don’t have to rush to your basement or pantry every time someone needs a top-up. And for informal affairs, guests can help themselves without invading more of your home than you’d like them to. 

We’d recommend our Burgundy 15-Bottle Wine Tower for those who take entertaining seriously but also love the modern monochrome look. Or for seamless integration into a contemporary space, you’ll find our Radiant Rectangular Bar Table a perfect match.

A Toast to Tête-à-Têtes 

If your children have flown the nest, you might be reorganizing your space to celebrate a return to a clutter-free life. Now it’s time to celebrate the added one-to-one time with your spouse or significant other. And clearing away the wonderful mess that kids bring and creating a clean space with your partner can be cathartic. Adding wine storage in your kitchen or dining room can be a wonderful way of toasting your re-found intimacy. 

And if you want to get really radical but stick with the contemporary style, why not turn a kid-friendly room into a dedicated wine room? It’s a way of stamping your home’s return to the adult world - with style.

Or with just the two of you at home, you may prefer to keep your cellar on the small side. So our Galvanized Metal Tabletop Rack will add industrial-chic to your modern space without taking up too much room. However, if you want to reclaim your space, we’d suggest the Modern Bar Unit. It has space for wine bottle storage, as well as for other beverages, and accessories such as an ice bucket, and cocktail-making equipment. Who said you couldn’t have a party for two?

Brix has a gorgeous range of options to make drinks storage so much easier but still bring the max factor to your sleek interior spaces.