Wine Storage Solutions for Small or Large Homes

If you love wine you’ll need storage options to suit your space. The size of your home shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a few of life’s pleasures or storing those pleasures appropriately. And whether you live in a cottage or a castle, there’ll be a way to display your wine efficiently and stylishly.  

Wine Storage for Smaller Homes

The idea of having a wine cellar when space is tight might seem laughable, but there several storage options that will work for cozy homes. And don’t let the word “cellar” put you off. Any collection of wines, even if it’s only a few choice bottles, classifies as a cellar in our book. 

But when space is at a premium wine lovers have to be careful about selecting a storage choice to suit their environment. Luckily, there are lots of options for multifunctioning spaces. 

Your hall or atrium is a place for you to welcome guests, so why not make it extra convivial by using Brix’s Rectangular Wooden Wine Cabinet? It’s a great way to double-up the functionality of your entranceway by providing a table-top on which to place your keys and other household items, and yet provide plenty of space below the wine storage slots for footwear or a pet bed. 

If you want to make a statement in your home but space is tight, the perfect solution is a bar trunk. Brix has a fine selection that will be both a talking point with your guests and save on space. From the portable Picnic Box to the Stateroom Bar Trunk, we really have a moveable place for your wine storage and drinking accessories. 

And if 5 pm says “cocktails” then our Italian World Map Cocktail Trunk will be a winner in your smaller home. It offers a wine rack, drawers for your cocktail equipment, racks for mixers, and glass wear storage – it really is a work of art. 

Wine Storage For Larger Homes

Larger homes simply cry out for the elegance that wine on display adds. Using wine as an integral part of home décor adds a level of sophistication that is only matched by original pieces of art. And, wine has the added benefit of being a far more social addition to your home than a landscape painting. 

Your home may be large enough to house a cellar in your basement or to have a temperature-controlled room. But even if this is the case, it’s far nicer to display wine where it can be easily accessed so you aren’t forced to leave guests, when entertaining, to re-stock.

If this sounds like a sound solution, we’d recommend the Ancona Modular Wine Cabinet. The sections can be used together to enhance the décor of your dining room or separated and spaced in different areas of your home if your entertainments are less contained. The Ancona is a beautiful sleek piece of furniture which will add gravitas to traditional rooms but is sleek enough to fit in nicely with modern décor.  

Wine rooms are becoming increasingly en vogue for wine lovers with larger homes. For people who love to entertain, a room dedicated to more social pursuits instantly creates a social ambience for your evening.  If this sounds like an addition your home needs, the Bordeaux 3-Piece Modular Wine Cabinet Set’s glass front shows off up to 70 bottles of wine which are displayed in three different ways. And there is storage space for your crystal or glassware, too. 

If you love to provide your guests with a choice of drinks, you may want to create a home bar within a reception room or in your dining room. It’s a surefire way to create a convivial atmosphere. You’ll find our Casablanca Bar will be a functional and timeless addition. 

With so many wine storage choices, from the smallest wine rack to large heirloom pieces, Brix knows you’ll find a perfect wine storage choice for the size of your home. And whether your house is large or small, our pieces help you to celebrate in style – we hope the memories made around your chosen piece will last a lifetime.